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  • “I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts. Your work is simply breathtaking.”

    - Rebecca Booker
  • “Amazing photography – thank you! You made our day so enjoyable. So pleased you were a part of it!”

    - Neil & Lisa Ward

Cotswolds Wedding Photographers

Winter Tree Photography is run by Dafydd Hughes, a Cotswolds wedding photographer located near the beautiful Cotswold town of Cirencester. Dafydd covers weddings all over the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire – but can be commissioned to provide wedding photography anywhere in the UK (and potentially overseas).

We cover the whole of UK

We are based on the Gloucestershire / Wiltshire border, placing us in an ideal position to also cover weddings in Cheltenham, Bristol, Swindon, Berkshire, Surrey, Worcestershire and the Midlands. As we can be commissioned to cover weddings anywhere in the UK, in all probability we can cover your wedding no matter what the location.

Wedding Photography Style

As a bride and groom, photography terms must be so confusing.  You’ll find wedding photographers that label themselves as photo journalistic, reportage, traditional, fine art, contemporary and combinations of all the above!  Enough to give an asprin a headache.  But do you really need to worry about labels?  I like to think not. What really is important is that you are happy with the way your wedding photographer works and the results he or she produces!

My Style

So which category do I fall into? None I guess. The only thing of importance to me is that the style of work I produce matches your requirements. Simple – that’s it! Of course, you are still left asking ‘what is your style of wedding photography?‘. Ultimately that answer lies in the example images that you’ll find in abundance all over my website, but in words it is probably best that I describe how I approach a typical wedding.

My approach to wedding photography

First of all, I am not a big personality that turns up on your wedding day and starts manipulating things. That simply is not me. For the majority of the day I will take a back seat, photographing the days events, capturing the essence of your day. This is how I conduct ninety percent of my time at a wedding. The other ten percent we can talk about in a moment.

Natural light photography

No. I am not a natural light photographer – or least I don’t label myself as one. I am an available light photographer. I am always looking for the right light. Whether I am embracing natural light, using street light or flash, I feel that the ability to identify useful light and use it is one of the main ingredients to good photography. Here is an example of a one hundred percent natural light image.

The other ten percent

I will spend the majority of a wedding day in the background, not manipulating events. Lets not forget, your day is your wedding day – its not a photoshoot! However, I believe that as a wedding photographer it is my duty to not just capture natural images, but to also to provide stunning portraits wherever conditions permit. Portraits that document your love for each other.

Therefore, on your day (weather permitting) I encourage a quick walk through the venue grounds to capture some informal portraits of the two of you together. I guarantee this will be fun and probably a nice break for the two of you.

That little bit extra

You’ve finished the wedding breakfast, the speeches have been put to bed. You are at your most relaxed. Whilst you are relaxing as husband and wife, my day is nowhere near finished. As well as grabbing informal shots of the guests, I’ll have my eye on the light – I’ll be looking for that killer shot that will be taken using whatever available light there is.

Having found that special light, that killer location, I’ll setup the shot, grab you for a couple of minutes and then let you return to your guests. This is part of the extra ten percent (and hopefully one of the reasons you decided to hire a photographer in the first place).

I’ll leave you with a little story. The following shot was taken in the early evening. Just off camera, to the left of the bride were a group of guests. Quote – “We are not going to bother having a photographer at our wedding – we are going to have disposable cameras“. I’ll never forget that statement. I took the shot, smiled and moved on. I know the subject, her children, grand children and many generations to come will adore this image. I think it was worth the effort.

Who are my clients?

I shoot most of my weddings in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. Having said that, in 2013 you’ll find me shooting weddings in all of the above, plus Essex, Surrey and Worcestershire. In 2012, my client base was roughly split 50/50 between local and London based couples (who had decided to get married in the Cotswolds, escaping the hustle and bustle of London).

The right photographer for you?

Is Dafydd the right photographer for you? Only you can answer that question after you have viewed Dafydd’s portfolio. If you decide that Dafydd is not one of the Cotswold Wedding Photographers you prefer, then Dafydd would like to take this opportunity to wish you the very best wedding day. If you decide that Dafydd is one of the Cotswold Wedding Photographers suited to your needs, please feel free to contact Dafydd.

In the news

Cripps Barn Bibury now has a sister venue – Shustoke Farm Barns. So, if you are having a Shustoke Farm Barns wedding, we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our Shustoke Farm barns wedding offer.